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July 27, 2008, 3:38 am
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As we go through life, we will encounter those whom enjoy having their heads in the sand. It is best not to interfere, for there is a design in place with such people s there is with all of us. This is much akin to ordering a sandwich at a deli and requesting that there not be mayo. mayo is tasteless, offensive fat. but, if the counter jockey has his head in the sand, you will get mayo anyway. But instead of continuing the cycle of passive aggression and beating the counter jockey with a wet sock full of quarters, you must calmly wipe it away with a napkin and enjoy the salami/eggplant/turkey breast as best you can.  confess sins at:


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Dear Pope,

I have but one question for your high, high holiiness. Which is better, NY thin crust or Chicago Deep dish? I feel that if this could be answered, it may be the key that unlocks the truth upon which many of us are searching.

Please don’t cop out by saying your lactose intolerant either.

The most bestest regards

Comment by Slats Grobnik

My faithful subject Slats-
For Utilitarian purposes only, I would go NY pizza. However, if one has partaken in too much of the holy sacrement of the blood of Christ, Chicago style is a miracle in a box. Bless you my stepson.

Comment by thepopeofastoria

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