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February 23, 2009, 4:25 pm
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dude, Penelope Cruz deserved it. ( and yes, I did see “Vicky, Christina, Barcelona” and no, I still don`t think Scarlett Johanssen is hot, I don`t know why.) Heath Ledger totally deserved it too, its only taken us since James Dean`s nominations in 1956 to get past the whole posthumous thing. Kate Winslet, eh, fine, she`s a stiff ass Brit actress, so I guess that equals good. I`ve never seen anything of hers since TITANIC, and that was only because I was 15 and thought it could lead to me copping my first feel off of my then girlfriend. But,…MICKEY ROURKE WAS FUCKING ROBBED!!!! SEAN PENN??!???!!! SERIOUSLY???!!?!?!? IS THIS JUST TO MAKE UP FOR HIM GOING “FULL RETARD” IN “I AM SAM”?????!!!!