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RIP Gang Starr
April 20, 2010, 8:22 pm
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Im an awkward white guy. I was born an awkward white guy andIm pretty sure I`ll die this way, except old and awkward. But when I moved to Philly to go to College I became exposed to what it meant to be considered an ‘urban white guy”. Not as awkward, so I went with it. It made me take noticeof a lot of great stuff, drum`n`bass clubs, hipster house parties, cheap beer, art school girls, militant vegans, what meth heads look like, shitty poetry, good beer, ethnic markets and hip hop.

I never kid myself into thinking I was “urban” enough to grow a chinstrap beard and rock a throwback Phillies hat. ( mostly cause  I cant even grow a beard now) but I did find a love for hip-hop. Big L, Talib Kweli, Atmosphere, Mos Def, Pharcyde, the Roots and Gang Starr are all on my iPod today.

I remember one particular night when I lived in a rennovated 1930`s schoolbuilding. Theguys next to me were much more “urban’ than I even though they were form the suburbs too. One night after a concert of Gang Starr`s they ended up convincing Guru to come back to their pad to smoke a little weed and hang out. I passed them on the stairs and said hello, but I didnt recognize it was Guru until a few weeks later. Its really sad that the dude died so young and had such a lng battle with cancer. But at least I got to meet the guy once. Guru, wherever you are I hope you`re chilling,…’right where you stand.”